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Exchange Hiatus - The original Sketch Exchange

spiralofvertigoAug. 18th, 2012 02:14 pm Exchange Hiatus

I can't get in contact with anyone and only one person showed interest in the round this time so unfortunately I think it's best to give the exchange a little break.

I will still complete my piece when I'm feeling I can do a good job on it and I urge those that have also not completed their works to do the same. The exchange will be in hiatus for two weeks just as if we were having a round. Maybe everyone needs a little breather? I think I do actually I'm a little burnt out.

In the mean time for those out there reading this; what are some changes you would like to see if any? Maybe you have some suggestions to reel some more people in?

Have a good rest everyone but don't forget about us! The exchange will reopen September 1st

See you all then!


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