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Secret santa sketch art exchange!
Welcome to sketch_xchange!

This is an art exchange community similar to Dragon exchange, Gryphon exchange, etc. The only difference? No completed pieces are allowed. This is an exchange of sketches, speedpaintings, and figure drawings. Stress is prohibited. The purpose here is to give busy artists a creative boost, or bored artists something to do without straining offline schedules.

Community Rules

1. If you're unfamiliar with exchange communities, it works like this: Once a month the maintainer will post on the community a "Roll-Call", where those who wish to participate in the month's round will post a description of their character along with reference pictures. After a few days, the maintainer will send each person an email with a name of another artist, and the artist you get will be the one you draw for. All artist pairings are completely randomized using an online randomizer. Don't tell anyone whom you are drawing for until you complete. Simple.

2. For clarification, participants may turn in a single refined sketch of their assigned character, or several sketches/a page of character studies. The object is to have fun with exploring the unfamiliar form! Participants are also free to draw other characters from the roll call if they choose, after completing their assignment.

3. For now, all characters types are allowed. Dragon, gryphon, gnome, mutant bunny, whatever. Even human. If you aren't good at drawing bipedal creatures then here's your chance to practice! You may list multiple characters in the roll call, but the one who draws you must only choose one to draw. If you REALLY feel you can't draw specific species, you can say so in your roll-call comment and the maintainer will try not to pair you with a character of that species, but no promises will be made.

4. Even though this is a sketch community, the golden rule still applies: Draw as you would like to be drawn. Don't whip up a 10-second sketch and post it. You don't have to spend a great deal of time for your entries, but at least have some sense of proportion and such. Coloring is also, NOT necessary but still allowed. This community IS moderated, but on the grounds of effort instead of overall skill. However, multiple very quick sketches or studies are accepted as long as effort is still put forth.

5. Rude behavior, trolling, flaming, etc. is not tolerated. Period.

6. After emails have been sent, no changes to the assignments will be made.

7. Please keep all art entries into the exchange family-friendly. Artistic nudity is allowed.

8. If linking to references or any images containing nudity, please leave a brief warning.

9. Obviously, don't enter if you know you won't have time to get your work in on time. This community is not meant to take up large amounts of time. Be aware, there IS a blacklist which you will be on unless you turn in the owed sketch.

10. When someone posts art for you, you are required to thank them and acknowledge their effort. It's only good manners.

11. The media in which you use to create your assigned sketch is completely up to you. As long as its a visual media sketch.

12. No advertising please. This includes, but is not limited to, other communities, commissions, and personal sites.

13. If you have an issue with someone within the community (you feel like the art you received was sub-par, you feel like someone was rude to you, etc.) please take it up with the maintainer. The maintainer can be reached at zvaldien *at* yahoo.com

14. HAVE FUN. :D


Founder/Owner: zyleeth